Amal Clooney Gets Maternity Protection in Her Law Office

Amal Clooney Gets Maternity Protection in Her Law Office


0210-amal-clooney-lawyer-like-GETTY-01Amal Clooney doesn’t have to worry about someone booting her from her law office while she’s on maternity leave, because she’s fully protected.

Turns out, barristers in jolly ol’ England who take time off work after giving birth are protected way more than in the U.S. The org that regulates the legal profession there allows women up to 12 months off and their job is fully protected.

Amal works with a group of barristers who champion human rights cases.

BTW … if she’s paying for her space in the law office, she doesn’t have to cut a check for 6 months after delivering the twins. 

That’s gotta be a relief.



Published at Fri, 10 Feb 2017 22:00:00 +0000

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